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Social Media

- Write a paragraph (3-7 sentences) on a Minarets School Event you attended. Email it. It will be posted on our Minarets High School Facebook Page as a quote: https://www.facebook.com/SchoolOfTheFuture

- Share a recent Project (Video, Slideshare, Presentation, etc) from English class. Screenshot & email it.

- Make a Podcast of a recent School Event that you attended.

- Compliment 5 people on their posts. Screenshot & share. MAKE SURE THEY ARE DETAILED & NOT: YOU ROCK! Example: Bobby you are the fastest guitarist I've ever heard!!


- Start reading an Independent Reading book from the Media Lounge or Home. Be prepared to make an advertisement/review on the book when it is complete.

- Read an article online. Create a NonFiction Summary (Who, What, Where, When, Why, How) using quotes from the article (2 quotes per section). Use MLA intext citations & a Works Cited.

- Research a Topic. Find 5 articles on 1 topic. Compare/Contrast them. Write a conclusion on why the POV (points of view) differ or agree.


- Creative Writing: Start a Story/Play/Poem/Song/Dialogue/Comicbook/etc.

- Create a Setting, Summary (SomebodyWantedButSoThen) & Characterization of 2-3 main characters for a Short/Long Story/Script/Play.

- Journalism: Write a report on a recent School event & submit it to the School News/Radio/etc.

- Write NonFiction: Write a story about your life or an event that is researchable online that is real.


Make a Documentary: Find a Topic, Build A NonFiction Summary (WhoWhatWhereWhenWhyHow), Write an Outline (Follow Lorax Essay Example Outlining Model), & Draft a Narration (More info here:

Make a Script:

Make a Short Story:

Make a Movie (fiction):

Career Prep

- Interview someone who has your dream job (or is on track to attain that position) via Skype, telephone, or email. Write a reflection on: What you learned, What new questions you have & how you now feel about that career & why.

- Intern/Volunteer/Shadow at a job, & write a report on it, create a presentation, &/or present to the class on your experience.