Individual Projects

Biographical Research Pathway!

Who are you intrigued by? Your hero? Your model? Who do you want to study?

1. Research
Read & Watch all you can!!

2. Organizing the Data
Make a Keynote with: their biography summarized, key life events, why they are important, why you chose them, & what important lessons can we learn from this person's life or work.

3. Presenting the Data
Share the presentation, film it, voice over, etc. Share a link to the Vimeo if it is not done live in class.

Career Research Project

You will be reporting to the class on the career you researched to help us all learn more about this career or the careers you're researching. This will help us all have a better idea of what is worthwhile and what is not to pursue as a career.

Presentation Do's:

Title Slide

Career & its function

Education Requirements

Top Schools

Tuition Costs

Average Annual Income vs Average Annual Expenses

Career Benefits

Why you want to pursue this career

Reflection on upsides & downsides of the career (Retirement? Free time? Health benefits?)

Use quotes somewhere in your presentation

Works Cited


Make it LOOK GOOD :D

Presentation Don't's:

No lists

No paragraphs

No more than 1 photo per page (most of the time)

No Copy/Paste drama, cite your work - visit the English Resources tab/link to the right if necessary!

Nothing rushed

No Default Fonts or Backgrounds